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Implementing 3D echocardiography to improve clinical practice

Advances in ultrasound, computer, and electronics technology have permitted three-dimensional echocardiography (3D echo) to become a clinically viable imaging modality, with significant impact on patient diagnosis, management, and outcome. 3D echo now offers much faster and easier data acquisition, immediate display of anatomy, and the possibility of online quantitative analysis of cardiac chambers and heart valves.
The advantages of using 3D echo to measure cardiac chamber volumes derive from the lack of geometric assumptions about their shape and the avoidance of the apical view foreshortening, which are the main shortcomings of volume calculations from two-dimensional echocardiographic views. Moreover, 3D echo offers a unique realistic en face display of heart valves, congenital defects, and surrounding structures allowing a better appreciation of the dynamic functional anatomy of cardiac abnormalities in vivo.
Offline quantitation of 3D echo data sets has made significant contributions to our mechanistic understanding of normal and diseased heart valves, as well as of their alterations induced by surgical or interventional procedures. As reparative cardiac surgery and transcatheter procedures become more and more popular for treating structural heart disease, transesophageal 3D echo has expanded its role as the premier technique for procedure planning, intraprocedural guidance, as well as for checking device function and potential complications after the procedure.

Over the years, 3D Echo 360® has established itself as an exciting, cutting-edge international meeting for all those who are interested in 3D echo. A superb and experienced faculty will join us in Padua, hosting one of the world’s oldest Medical Schools (from 1222) in which Morgagni, Galilei, Vesalius, Harvey and many others taught. The Workshop offers a unique 3DE learning opportunity, which will include lectures, hands-on sessions, live sessions, and clinical case presentations, with a lot of time dedicated for interaction and discussions.

To meet the different educational expectations of the attendees, the 3D Echo 360® will continue its traditional educational offerings by planning two parallel tracks. The Basic Track is designed for those who have just initiated 3D echo or who want to learn more about this technique before getting started. The Advanced Track is designed for those who are already experts in 3D echo and aim for an update on the most recent technical advancements and new clinical applications of this technique.

Attending 3D Echo 360® will also allow you to find out the latest technical solutions and applications provided by industry. You will have the opportunity to individually test applications and software packages in dedicated industry lounges. If you are planning to buy a 3D echo system or to start using 3D echo in your clinical routine, this is a unique opportunity to see, try and compare the latest 3D echo systems and software applications on the market.

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